Mission TEC joins BioMedical Alliance, an organization representing the Bio-Health industryin the Midi-Pyrénées area (France).

BioMedical Alliance is based, in May 2009, the merger of SISMIP and MidiBiotech, two associations of one hand industrial Health and other biotechnology companies. BioMedical Alliance unites and supports small businesses, SMEs and major groups of bio-sector health Midi-Pyrenees.

Create links and help develop companies in the field of Health Midi-Pyrénées are the two key words. BioMedical Alliance relies on the expertise and resources of both associations.

Beyond the simple juxtaposition of the two associations, which is a set of about 70 companies, it is a new dynamic valuation expertise and complementarities companies (industrial or otherwise) dedicated to health.

At the regional level, BioMedical Alliance is the privileged interlocutor for government - economic and institutional partners, and partners Health.

In this capacity, he serves in many instances:

Competitiveness cluster Cancer Bio Health (Board Member)
Social Economic Council and Regional Environmental Commission (Commission and Economy Business Search - Transfer - Innovation - Energy)
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Region Midi-Pyrénées
Midi-Pyrénées Innovation

more info on http://www.biomedicalalliance.com